Free writing

Next Saturday will be the day I move back to campus. To say I am excited would be an understatement. After spending a month doing nothing but staring at my computer screen, having continuous mental breakdowns because of all the shows I watch and eating chocolate, I have to say I am counting the days and hours until the moment I find myself in a classroom again.

English Composition was my favourite course last semester mainly because my professor was very interesting. We usually read essays and had discussions about them. However, that was not my favourite part of the class. Everytime we would have a session he would walk in, says “Class how are you doing? This your free writing for the day” and he would write one word on the board while repeating for the uptenth time that we are not supposed to stop until he tells us to do so. The first time we did this I could not stop thinking about the movie Finding Forester. I spent weeks thinking that my professor was Sean Connery everytime he walked into the classroom.

The first time we did free writing I was afraid I’d ran out of ideas after a couple sentences. But I soon realised that once I got an idea, a stream, I was less likely to stop. Halfway through the semester I found it hard to stop writing. Not because I was attempting to perfect and organise my ideas, but rather because I pushed my boundaries farther away.  I think less about structure and grammar and more about imagery and concepts. By the end of the course, I noticed that it was an exercise I not only enjoyed doing but wanted to keep doing. Throughout this break, whenever I’d think of a word, a sentence, anything, I’d just write it down and go from there. Of course, almost all the things I wrote were ridiculous and even more nonesensical than my usual texts, but it is still something I enjoy doing.

Starting Monday I will be taking a Creative Writing course thought by the same professor. I am trying not to expect anything other than the sarcastic retorts my professor usually comes up with. I am pretty sure you will be reading about this class quite often over the next four months. But then again, I might be wrong, I usually am!

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