“Have a Slice of Pizza”

Most people in my entourage know of my obsession with the British-Irish boy band One Direction. I have spent the past few months listening to their first album, waiting impatiently for their second one and then listening to it on repeat for weeks on end. Let us not even get into the countless hours I spend on twitter and tumblr fangirling  over their pictures and every single 1D  related thing I can find. The reason I am writing about it here is because I am simply not ashamed to say I like One Direction, that is mainly because I figured everyone needed a bit of pop in their lives.

If a year ago someone had told me that I would be the typical 1D loving girl I would have laughed. Yet, it seems like while people grow older and wiser, I grow backwards into my tween years. Or is it my tween years that are finally catching up on me? Whichever one it is, I don’t care because listening to ROCK me and Kiss You on a daily basis makes me perfectly content.

I’m guessing that you are now wondering what the link between pizza and One Direction is. Well, it’s a quote I came across in tumblr the day the Kiss You music video came out. I went and looked for the article it’s from and I quite enjoyed it.  It is written by Alex Goldschmidt, someone I never heard of but after reading this I am thinking of checking out more of his stuff, somehow I find it funny. Anyway, without any further ado, here is the oh-so-interesting quote:

With “Kiss You,” One Direction releases another single where they play the underdog that will do anything to woo over the girl of their dreams. They acknowledge insecurities, send a positive message and just want to have fun. That’s why people love them. Their music is cheesy and delicious.

We could sit around a pizza talking about its basic properties and how it’s essentially just a bread-cooked tomato sauce with cheese –- or we could just fucking eat the pizza and fucking love it. Not everything has to be that serious. I mean, for Christ’s sake, Niall actually sings “chinny chin chin” in “Kiss You.” We could spend all day talking about the ridiculousness of that -– or we could just smile and dance to their infectious cheesy pop perfection. You know you want to. Just have a slice.

                                                   – Alex Goldschmidt (http://www.xojane.com/entertainment/one-direction-kiss-you-official-video-out-and-im-coming-out-as-adult-1d-onesie-wearing-fan)

One Direction was really close to making it to the lineup of a yearly festival in my country that is usually held in May. When I heard of the possibility, I checked their tour dates and saw whether it was possible for them to come to Morocco, it seemed like it but then the festival organisers said they would not be free around the time of the festival. Please excuse me while I go hide in a corner since it is very unlikely that any of my other favourite artists (from Ed Sheeran to Matt Corby, not forgetting the XX, Mumford and Sons and everything in between) would ever make it here.

I’m going to leave you with Little Things, the second single from their second album, which was written by Ed Sheeran. I mean come on, who can resist Sheeran’s song writing genius mixed with five heartthrobs and Harry’s raspy voice? Exactly, no one!

Enjoy your slice of pizza!

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