Dream Diary

Have you ever thought of keeping a dream diary or journal? I promise you this is not an post starting at some random topic to end up about Harry Potter. Something I am capable of but won’t be doing this time. The reason I am talking about dream diaries is because I am frustrated lately. My dreams are weird. You might say that it is the case with everyone. Well, I think my dreams are the genius kind of weird, as in my subconscious creates some wonderful wonderful things that only exist in that part of my brain so as soon as I’m awake everything is gone.

Imagine this: You have a speech to make, spend endless hours thinking about it and only come up with mediocre ideas. You go to bed and guess what you dream of? You are giving your speech! And it is interesting, concise, catchy and has everything your brainstorming was lacking. YET, as soon as you wake up, all you can think of is the fact that you dreamt of your speech. Now imagine this same scenario happens endless times, before every single important presentation or project you have to turn in. How would that make you feel? Frustrated? Mad? Indifferent? I’d like to know! Because I sure as hell am frustrated! I find myself wishing I could record my dreams , or at least remember them five minutes after I wake up so I can at least write them down. But NO! I am guessing my conscious is jealous of my subconscious’ genius and wants to tame it in a way or another.

Perhaps, by the time I am eighty years old and senile, scientists will finally have invented a machine that records your dreams. Except it would be too late for me because my biggest plans then would probably be about my next meal or something. Let’s just hope the offspring of these upcoming generations will benefit from it. As for now, I might start writing down the few dreams I actually remember, the ones about me being robbed, kidnapped or losing my sanity,  as a parallel part of my diary. That ought to be interesting.

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