Oh Sun, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

The sky is perfectly blue. There are no clouds in sight and a small breeze moves the leaves making a small hushing sound. Everything seems perfect. Everyone is happy to finally be able to dress in 3 layers or less. Everyone except one person: ME!

Call me crazy if you wish but I cannot stand the sun. A perfect day for me would be one where it is overcast, rainy, windy and cold during daytime and then the sky clears up in the evening, leaving place for even colder weather. Why you may ask? Because once it is sunny my head is about to expload, my sinuses hurt and I cannot make one step outside without sun glasses. The reason behind all this is still unknown, but I would really like it if I stopped having this weird reaction to this star that’s supposed to be the reason we’re all alive. It would be a lot better if I did not want to die everytime it’s out thank you very much!

Until the day I stop being this way on every single sunny day, I will keep complaining and longing for the beautiful rainy days. No wonder the Pacific Northwest is where I belong.

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