I am a person who likes to control everything. I like the idea of having everything organised and controlled. The things is, I try to control everything even when I know it’s impossible which usually leads me to be frustrated.

I am currently on Spring Break and during the first 5 days of my holiday I got to let go a bit. For the first time in my life I decided to do something somewhat reckless. It all started on our way to Merzouga. I was in an SUV with 5 of my friends and looking around I saw that some other people on other SUVs were hanging out the window. Deep down, I really wanted to do it, but of course there was that part of me that was screaming “NO DON’T DO IT! YOU’LL GET HURT! IT’S RIDICULOUS” It took me a little while to shut out that voice and simply climb out the window of the SUV while it was going full speed on a rocky road in the middle of nowhere. The wind was blowing my hair and distorting my face while freezing my cheeks and somehow in that exact moment I felt alive. I did not want to climb down the window but I eventually had to do so when we got to our destination. The next day, on our way back to Erfoud, I couldn’t help but do it again. The prospect of being awoken by the cold morning wind was too tempting.

After yet another day of travelling, which of course involved me dancing and singing in the middle of the bus along the way, we ended up in Ouarzazate for the night. Whoever says Ouarzazate, says film studios. Therefore, as soon as I woke up the next morning, I got into another SUV with friends and made our way to the movie set of Hollywood Blockbusters. After the tour of the studios, we got into the SUVs again, but this time, hanging outside the window was not enough. This time we were seated on top of the moving vehicles while they were racing each other. Let’s just say that nothing felt as good as that, yet.

We spent Monday night at a hotel in Marrakesh. On Tuesday morning, we made our way to a neighboring town called Tahanaout next to which was a park that I was told would interesting. However, before even getting there, we had to hike our way there for a while. And then when we arrived, we were told that we would go ziplining. A multitude of questions started racing through my mind: Can I really do it? Can I trust them? Do they seriously think that I’m just going to let myself go on a cable that far away from the ground? BREATHE!!!

Basically, that’s all I did. Breathe in, breathe out. I listened to the instructions of the monitors and then when it was my turn to go I just let go! Never in my life have I done something similar. Adrenaline was pumping through my veines, my nuckles were probably turning white because of how hard I was holding on to the gear but that was really everything I could do. So I just lifted my feet off the ground and that was it. I let go and it felt good!! 

If I dare say so myself, I think those were the highlights of my trip because I guess I learned that it’s okay not to control everything. Things turned out fine, I am still alive and feeling rather content with myself. In fact, I kinda wish I could go ziplining more often. Maybe after I get a bit more fit!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my trip. Sadly, my camera’s battery charger broke the day before the trip so most of these were taken with phones. I will add some more when people post the ones they took on facebook.


I spent Saturday night in one those tents. It was rather awesome!


The sunrise on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5 a.m. to see the whole thing.


The Gorge of Todgha. Last time I had been there was Summer 2007. I love that place.


I could not resist, I kinda had to walk in the water in Todgha.

I was jumping off of that platform, I was not allowed to be there, when the picture was taken. This was at the movie set in Ouarzazate.

I guess I have enough stories to tell in my Creative Writing class.

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