Everytime I walk into the creative writing classroom, I get ready to hear or do something out of the ordinary. Yesterday was no exception.

As I stated before, we started the poetry module this week. During the last session, we studied two of Mahmoud Darwich’s poems in both Arabic and English, which was rather interesting. But the one thing I can’t get out of my mind is what my professor said to describe poetry. 

Poetry is like very rich chocolate

Poetry is a concentration of words, meaning, feelings, imagery and nuances. It has many layers to it. It’s like putting a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth and tasting it for a minute or two as the different flavours unveil and engulf your mouth.

I find myself always documenting these sentences that my professor says from time to time. I feel like they are things that have to be written down somewhere, especially when it’s a sentence that has both the words poetry and chocolate in it.

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