“This Place Is So Boring”

These words might as well become AUI’s motto considering how many times I have heard them since I started classes in August. Ifrane is a small city, there is a limited number of coffee shops and grocery stores, a couple of night clubs and the only big thing here is in fact the university. Which is why the people who are used to the upbeat life of Rabat or Casablanca find it rather boring and lifeless.

This weekend, most people went home. I think it is partly because everyone knows everything will just get more stressful and busier from now on and also because next weekend is the Fun Run and Gala organised by the local Hand In Hand Association and a lot of people will be attending. Only a handful of my friends stayed here and yesterday we decided to just wander around campus at night and take random pictures. We ended up going to a place that we liked to call the jungle even though it had nothing to do with one. I think there was a total of 4 trees and a tree trunk on the ground. We stayed there for at least an hour.

The thing about that hour is not what we were doing, but the fact that we were together. We were talking about out own families, laughing about inside jokes or my own laugh and talking about make up.  The thing about having close friends in college is that we take care of each other. It’s more than simple friendship. We’re there in each other’s faces on a daily basis. We piss each other off. We get tired of each other. But when I’m feeling down, they know what to do. All I would need is chocolate, 1L of Coca Cola, a box of tissues and watch Easy A. We know each other’s perks and quirks. We know what to do and what not to do. We are, in a way, a family.

There are two things I learned over the past three years:

Family is more than blood

Real friends are important.

I have been blessed with a wonderful group of friends home. I could not have asked for a better senior year and it was all thanks to you. Everyday, I look at the pictures I have around my dorm room and just have an inexplicable smile on my face. I also am blessed with the group of friends I have here in Ifrane. You all mean a lot to me. And to the ones abroad in the four corners of the world, you are missed dearly.

As cheesy as this sounds,  the only real treasures you will find in life are your friends and family. Keep them close, cherish them and show them you care.




Yes, we do, in fact, all have thick rimmed glasses. Simply because we are cool like that!

Also, excuse the occasional blurriness of the pictures, I was rather blind last night while taking them in semi-darkness.

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