Ibrahim Maalouf, a Musical Discovery

My brother just shared with me an article about Ibrahim Maalouf. A young Lebanese trumpeter who plays a mixture of Jazz and Arabic music thanks to an extra valve. Since I wouldn’t know how to explain this better than the NPR article, I invite you to click on that link and read it.

I have spent the better part of the last half hour listening to all the videos I could come across on youtube. The thing is, I have only listened to two thus far because they are so beautiful and I keep pressing the replay button.

This one definitely has a Salif Keita-ish feel to it

While this one is simply haunting me because it’s one of my favourite songs by Fayrouz

I’m also now seeing that he’s performed with Hindi Zahra before.

If I weren’t sold already, I’d definitely be now! I’m kinda hoping that he’ll perform at Jazzablanca or Tanjaz someday if he hasn’t already.

I encourage you to check out his stuff. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

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