Livestreams, Trips and Earthquakes

This week was rather interesting and overbooked. I had a lot of homework, presentations and projects to go through and submit, but I did get to see my best friend last Sunday since she was passing through Ifrane and I also got to see another friend Thursday night. The same night that I got to assist to yet another screening of one of my absolute favourite movies of all times Dead Poets Society.

The weather started warming up and the sun stopped being shy and hiding behind the clouds, which is why my body thought it was the perfect time to catch a cold! So basically, this weekend consisted solely of nursing that stupid cold, a spontaneous trip to Azrou and guess what else??? COACHELLA!!

In short, the only thing that got me through this week was knowing I had Coachella to look forward to and I was not disappointed, even though I missed The XX and Sigur Ros yesterday because my fever peaked and I ended up going to bed early. By early I mean 1 a.m.

Also, apparently there was an earthquake at 9:43 p.m. Sunday night. I did not feel a thing and my phone died around the same time, but the time I got to an electronic device and check on my facebook and twitter account, dozens of people were talking about it. I think this is one of the few times I get to use the expression I don’t check on facebook for three hours and all hell breaks loose accurately.

I will now leave you with one of the few videos I could find of a Coachella concert. It is Stars singing what they announced as “This is a song about the person you hate the most in the world”, in other words Your Ex-Lover is Dead

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