The End Is Rolling In

The semester is mere days away from ending and my summer plans, or lack of, is both exciting and frustrating. Of course, right now all I can think of is my final projects, exams, papers and the constant reminder that I need to breathe and eat!! However, I couldn’t stop thinking about those book hangovers I can feel coming.

As voiced in my last written post. I am looking for a list of books to read. Luckily, today at the beginning of Creative Writing class, the professor handed out a list he titled Books Writers Should Read. I have to say as soon as I saw the title I started jumping in my seat, but that is really no surprise in that class. The list is that of at least 40 classics from World Literature that go from Jane Austen to Haruki Murakami not forgetting Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Let’s just say that it is not a summer reading list but rather a Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring reading list!

Let the headaches come! Until then, wish me luck on the remainder of the semester!

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