This Is But the Beginning

I have been wanting to write this for a little while but as you all might know, my first year in college has finally come to an end. I am not really sure of where I’ll be going with this blog entry but things might get a little sappy. Please forgive me!

Thinking back I realize that there are not many things I remember specifically. Some of my friends might be laughing when reading this because they know my biggest fear is to forget. But for once, I am okay with the things I remember.

Despite all the ups and downs. The frustrations and laughter that paced my days. The doubts I had and unspoken fears. I am happy with where I am today. I spent this past year thinking too much. But that really is no surprise. I spent this past year going over all the details in my mind, all the plans that happened and the ones that fell through leaving me staring blankly at empty pieces of paper trying to think of where things went wrong.

Right now, I am looking at the mess caused by the ridiculous amount of unpacked bags and containers a bit all over the place, thinking of my last Creative Writing class where my professor said “This is but the beginning“. For some reason nothing else made more sens than that single phrase and every-time I try to see why it might have been so important, I somehow fail. However, right now I’m thinking of the fact that everything is a beginning. Every moment is a beginning of something. And this moment right now is when I am accepting that I am happy and content without really asking questions. Before, whenever I’d be happy, I’d start asking myself why to the point where I end up being miserable for no particular reason. It is not going to happen this time!

I am officially on summer break with a ridiculous amount of time ahead of me to read, catch up on television and cinema and other emotional breakdown inducing media, sleep, knit and most importantly WRITE! That’s my real plan: Find a perfect time of day and simply write! I also need to see all the people I didn’t get to spend enough time with this past year. I might have to wait a few more weeks for that though since I am the only one who is done with final exams as of right now!

When it comes to the blog, I will try to write on a daily basis. Maybe even have more book/movie/tv series reviews.

Let’s hope for the best I guess, and good luck with your endeavors lovely readers!

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