The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Or how to spend a whole day squealing like teenager over a 200-year-old OTP!

I’m sorry that first sentence might be a little bit confusing but bear with me as I explain how I spent today. It is nearly 2 a.m. and I just watched the last episode of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, episode 100. Can you believe it?! I know I can’t!

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries is a modernized online adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1813 classic Pride and Prejudice.  It is a set of 100 episodes on youtube that last from 2 to 8 minutes. You can find the first episode at the bottom of  this post. I am not going to go over the details concerning the production and all, but if you want to have an idea about that you can follow this link. However, I am going to say that one of the developers of the idea happens to be Hank Green who is John Green’s brother, John Green being one of the writers behind my emotional instability and some of my worst book hangovers.

I first heard about TLBD from one of my closest friends and roommate who watched the whole thing in the shortest possible amount of time, as is always the case with her actually! Later on my best friend also spoke about it and mentioned Hank Green’s name. By that point I just could not ignore the fact that it existed. However, both of them had only one advice for me: DO NOT START IT BEFORE FINALS IT WILL CONSUME YOUR LIFE. I swear I am not exaggerating with the caps! Maha really did shout that to me!

Anyway, needless to say I did not hear them out. I started watching it a couple of weeks ago. I was at the first episode and without even realizing it I was already at the fifteenth. That was when I figured I would be better off starting it after finals are over.

So here I was today, sitting on my bed with nothing better to do when thought “Let’s go see what the Bennets are up to!” Not that I don’t know what the story is about of course. I have read the novel before and watched both the Hollywood AND the Bollywood movie adaptations, therefore I was more than simply familiar with the story line.

The thing with this adaptation is that it is REFRESHING!

You know how people say that when you re-read books you discover new things? That was the case for me while watching this! Everytime I read the title Pride and Prejudice, I thought that Darcy was the prejudiced one. I am finally realizing that it is mainly because Elizabeth, or Lizzie, is the one who is prejudiced and full of pride. Thanks to this series, I am noticing that before I saw everything through HER eyes, which might make me rather prejudiced myself. What makes this adaptation special in my eyes is that it is so well adapted into the 21st century. Twists and turns were made in the story line, not actually changing the purpose for which the novel was written in the first place but rather endorsing it! I don’t really want to give examples to explain this idea some more because I feel like it would ruin it for you if you ever decide to watch it.

Another thing I absolutely love about this adaptation is the acting and character development. I seriously cannot talk enough about the cast and their perfect, pinpoint performances throughout the webseries. I remember Wissal telling me that comparing the first and last episodes would really show that development and now I see that! It was done so smoothly and eloquently that at first we don’t even realize.

Something else that was eloquent and subtle was the messages sent in the adaptation, notably through the changes I spoke about earlier. There are some lines that are literally game changers but we don’t realize that until we go over them again. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed that!

Lastly, how could I NOT talk about the infamous William Darcy? I believe it is safe to say that since 1813, Jane Austen has contributed through this character in raising women’s expectations of men.  I am not sure whether she should be thanked or cursed for that but for now I urge you to go watch every single episode RIGHT NOW. I can promise you one thing: you will be at the edge of your seat until he shows up on the screen. I know I was!

As for me, I am going to re-read the novel. Well, not tonight. I need to wrap my head around all of this and GET SOME SLEEP. But I do need to start that Books Writers Should Read List soon and P&P  is on it. Might as well right?

I am leaving you with this:

Remember: DON’T START UNLESS YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Next thing you know it is 4 a.m. and you are at episode 98. Mark my words! 😉

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