I started my internship last Monday. I believe it is safe to say that this week is somewhat hectic. The first day at the office was just me discovering my surroundings, getting used to the fact that I have my own desk and trying to remember everyone’s names and functions.

On the second day, I missed the morning because there was a press conference I did not have to attend and had to go to the Casablanca airport  to pick up the yay you finished freshman year/good luck with your internship/ happy early birthday gift my brother Jacob mailed to me. Let me just say that dealing with administrative stuff is definitely not my thing! But anyway, when I got to the office I had some paperwork to go through and things to do and people to help, so I basically didn’t have time to breathe.


The gift. My Ideal Bookshelf. 

On Wednesday, I woke up with a migraine so bad that my eye sight got even worse than it already is. I could actually see double with my left eye for a little while. But I got my dose of ibuprofen, hopped on that train and made my way to the office where I learned I would be working on designing a bulletin.  I have never hated my tiny computer as much as I did on this past couple of days. Designing 4 pages on a 10.1″ screen is really not the best thing to do. After endless hours and an almost sleepless night, I got it done for Thursday morning but then spent the whole day making little changes. I actually have 9 or 10 different versions saved on my computer, but at least it was well done!

In short, I’m gonna spend my six weeks with Amnesty International Morocco designing and writing brochures, pamphlets, flyers, bulletins and newsletters for the different campaigns going on right now. I’m actually really glad I have something to do. Plus I get to dust off my InDesign skills which got a little rusty over the past couple of years.

Other than the boring details of my internship that I just could not spare you, I finished reading Pride and Prejudice last Monday. It’s just one of those books that I read really slowly at the beginning and then once I hit a certain point I can’t stop anymore. I basically spent 10 days reading 200 pages and then as soon as I got to Chapter 34, the book was glued to my hands and I read the rest in less than two days, mainly because I kept getting interrupted by my stomach growling at me to go feed it. I’m not going to go over the details of how I feel about Lizzie and Darcy. You can check that out over here!

As you must know, I have a reading list I have to go through. When I finished Pride and Prejudice, I put five of those books in front of me and tried to decide on which one to start first. I ended up deciding on Chinua Achebe‘s No Longer At Ease. However, since I always find the train too full to be seated on my way to work, I can’t really read standing and haven’t started it yet. And I might or might not have changed my opinion and decided to read Austen‘s Persuasion, thanks to my sisters who were watching The Lake House earlier and I loved/hated the fact that I could to a certain degree relate to the story line of the novel. Let us see how emotionally damaged can Jane Austen get me to be yet another time.

All in all, I feel like I’m steering everything towards some direction I am not yet sure of. All I know is that I really should make some specific time to write. I need to.

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