It is rather funny that people have so often gotten used to saying sentences like “Those are only words, they don’t mean anything”.

Words are, in my eyes, the most powerful and precious thing that exists. It can make one’s world, or completely destroy it. A simple assemblage of letters is capable of such. The fact that people consider words as something that should be overlooked because they are just words is mind boggling to me.

Words are beautiful. Words are powerful.  Words are more than letters put together, thoughts uttered. Words are indelible, they are weapons that can make any day the best or worst of one’s life. Words need to be weighed with the utmost caution because once uttered, they cannot be taken back.

Words are the best thing I can offer you and the world beyond. Words are my ally. Something I can never let go off. If I write you something, you must know how important you are. For true, heartfelt words are only given to those who truly deserve them, those who can live up to them.

My Creative Writing professor once said that you know you’re a good writer when if you delete or change one word in a story, in one sentence, and the whole piece either changes or crumbles, then you mastered your art. That is how powerful a word can be. It builds things from scratch or breaks them up into the tiniest little pieces. So next time you have to say something, think of its weight. Think of how powerful those words are and most importantly, remember that no sentence or expression is ever “just words”.

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