Joss Stone at Jazzablanca – The Concert of a Lifetime

Anyone who is friends with me or has any remote contact with me through social media (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) probably knows by now that I went to Joss Stone’s concert last night.

As the opening gig of both Jazzablanca and the Joss Stone Total World Tour, the British lady held a concert last night (Saturday, March 29th, 2014) in Casablanca. To say it was my favourite concert ever would be an understatement!

The ‘shitty phone camera’ quality picture I took because of course I forgot to take my camera with me!

My dad, sister, family friends and I headed to Casablanca around 6pm and were at the concert venue around 7:30 pm (some 1h30 before the start of the show) after waiting in line in a small breeze and some cold, we had access to the actual concert room around 8:30 pm and the actual concert started sometime around 9:15. Let me just say it was really worth the wait!!
In a long sleek blue dress and her usual bare feet, Joss opened the gig with none other than The Chokin’ Kind a slow song after which she brought the whole room to their feet covering different songs from her repertoire. With her joyful persona on stage, she managed to take everyone with her on a musical journey. From You Had Me to Right to Be Wrong not forgetting an iconic cover of Janis Joplin’s Little Piece of my Heart , Joss Stone managed to entrance the whole audience and I for one could not sit down throughout the whole thing!

The other songs she performed (not in order and sorry if I forgot any one):

 Put Your Hand on Me/Baby Baby Baby medley, 
Big Ol’ Game,
Fell In Love with a Boy,
Jet Lag,
Less is More, 
Stoned Out of My Mind,
sideways Shuffle
(For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People
While You’re Out Looking for Sugar
The Love We Had
 However, my absolute favourite moment of the night would have to be, without contest, the duo between Joss and the Moroccan Oum. The two ladies sang Stone’s Newborn and I, naturally, cried! I later on tweeted about it and my tweet was favourited and retweeted by Oum herself. Yet another reason for me to fangirl about last night!

Joss Stone and Oum performing Newborn on stage! Credits: Mo Styles

We could feel the concert coming to an end but Joss started singing snippets of some songs a capella, like This Is a Man’s World and Snakes and Ladders before her unofficial final song. She closed with Right to be Wrong changing the last line to “Don’t you leave me alone!”

The whole audience was standing on their feet, clapping as loud as possible before Joss came back on stage for an encore with Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now. Not before she jokingly scolded us a little and made the audience promise to go to sleep right after.

Credits: Mo Styles

All in all, it is easy to say that this was my favourite concert so far. I don’t think I sat down throughout the whole concert, or shut up for the matter! That was the first time I went to a concert and knew the lyrics to every single song. Good thing I was almost front row and there were no people in front of me that I might have/could have annoyed.

Credits: Mo Styles

It is safe to say I am currently going through post-concert-depression. Let’s just hope a video of Oum and Joss’s duet will end up on the internet because that kind of performance should be seen by the whole world!

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