My Current Top 6 Albums

I was nominated by my brother to list the 6 albums that I listen to the most on Tumblr. However, because I have not posted anything music related in a while and I think it is time for a new post, I decided to do it on here instead of Tumblr.

So here it goes! Six albums that I have been listening to a lot recently:

  • Hindi Zahra – Homeland (2015)

I think it is no surprise that this album is on here. Ever since it came out, I have been listening to it rather religiously. Homeland is Hindi Zahra’s second album and it has met all the expectations set by her previous record. In fact, I loved this album so much that I took a night off during my finals week last semester to go see Hindi Zahra’s concert in Meknes that was part of her Moroccan Homeland tour!

  • Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were (2014)

Even the saddest of Ben Howard’s songs make me happy. It’s just one of those things that I am unable to explain. His sophomore album is no exception. Conrad is one of the most listened to songs on my phone mainly because it is one of the rare ones I never skip when it comes up on shuffle.

  • Ibeyi – Ibeyi (2015)

Ibeyi are a French-Cuban twin duo who sing mostly in English and Yoruba or French. I fell in love with their music on the day I stumbled upon their performance of Mama Says Live on KEXP. Lisa and Naomi’s voices, as well as their use of keyboards and cajon, are captivating. Most of the songs are written by Lisa and cover everything from odes to their deceased father and sister to pieces that are heavily inspired by Yoruba folk songs.

  • James Bay – Chaos and the Calm (2015)

I discovered James Bay through my sister Rachel who suggested I should play some of his songs on my radio show last semester. I ended up downloading the whole album and fell irrevocably in love with it. James Bay’s music reminds me of high school and I’m not really sure why. Either way, here is Scars, my favourite song from the album. Honestly, how can you not love it with lyrics like this

But you’re miles away,
You’re breaking up, you’re on your own
It’s hard to take,
I need an hour just to say hello
And I can’t make the truth of this work out for you or me

And for all the pennies in your pocket
We barely get a second just to speak

  • Hozier – Hozier (2014)

I first heard of Hozier in the Spring of 2014. I was listening to a mix on 8tracks and Take me to Church came on. I kept it in my favourites for a little while then forgot about it. About a month later, during a live of Stirs & Bifocals, one of our most faithful listeners requested that we play it on the show. That was even before the album came on, but I have been obsessed with the Irish man’s songs ever since (the fact that he is Irish might or might not have something to do with that).

  • Oh Wonder

This last one isn’t really an album, yet. Oh Wonder are a London based duo that has taken on the project of releasing one song on the first day of each month for a year. They currently have released 10 songs, the 11th one will be online tomorrow so I am ridiculously excited about that! The reason I decided to include Oh Wonder on this list is because I have a feeling that these songs will be grouped together in an album eventually. They do have some exciting news coming up so I’m guessing it must be something along these lines! Either way, I think Oh Wonder’s music is amazing and I find it particularly fitting for midnight drives. I’d definitely recommend checking out their soundcloud.

  • Honourable mention: Amber Run – 5AM

I feel like I should just drop a little shoutout to Amber Run. I am not a big fan of every single song on the album but I still think you should check them out. My favourites are 5AM and I Found.

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