I take a lot of pride in my ability to undertake video projects in order to convey human stories. Whether it is an auto-ethnographic exploration of mental illness or an attempt at attracting prospective students, a diverse and eclectic set of collaborators enabled me to further hone my video production skills. My devotion to music also led me to merge two of my passions into producing music videos. 


Music Videos

Just the Two of Us performed by Wafaa Essoufi & Salim Daïma
Filmed by Nahla Bendefaa, Amine Hadni, & Soulaima Bennani
Directed by Nahla Bendefaa
Edited by Nahla Bendefaa
Sound production by Salim Daïma
Whispers performed by Houssame Limami
Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Nahla Bendefaa
Sound Production by Salim Daïma

Promotional Videos

Let’s create something together.